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Introducing M-Vu Breast Density by VuCOMP

M-Vu Breast Density, the newest product in the VuCOMP portfolio, is designed to advance the science of breast density measurement. M-Vu Breast Density automatically and rapidly evaluates mammograms in much the same manner as experienced radiologists do: by analyzing the structure, texture, and dispersion of the tissue, rather than simply estimating total fibroglandular volume. M-Vu Breast Density equips physicians with another innovative tool to employ in mammography screening.

M-Vu Breast Density upgrade 2.0 adds a critical dimension to the analysis of dense breast tissue. It now aligns with the new BI-RADS standard of identifying dense tissue in the breast that could be masking cancer. The masking risk is correlated to not only the amount, but also the distribution - the actual dispersion - of fibroglandular tissue. M-Vu Breast Density is the only commercially available, FDA-approved system that employs this scientific methodology.

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Discover the value of having an autotmated, consistent density measurement for each mammogram you perform.


M-Vu Breast Density in the News.

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July, 2014

VuCOMP Establishes Medical Advisory Board

July 9, 2014
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VuCOMP, Maker of M-Vu® Automated Breast Density Measurement Technology, Sponsors Are You Dense MusicFest

June 25, 2014
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